Welcome to our links page! This is the easiest way to find a connection to some of the best wedding-associated businesses in all of Second Life!

For The Ladies' Attire:
Simplicity by Moodii Moxie
Visit Simplicity!

For The Men's Attire:
Made Men by Rockwell Maltz
Visit Made Men!

For Jewelry:

Ramos Jewelry Designs by xTrojan Ramos
Visit Ramos Jewelry Designs!

For Cakes:

Ramos Baker by Susan Ramos
Visit Ramos Bakery!

For Flowers & Bouquets:

Brides & Blooms by Jade Opel
Visit Brides & Blooms!

For Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties:

The Slayer Club by Beezer Golding
Visit The Slayer Club!