R&L Weddings Policies

1. R&L Weddings' primary purpose is to provide for the happiness of the special couple on the most wonderful day of their lives, without discrimination in regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, or genre. We appreciate the special needs you have based on your unique situation, and invite you to share those needs with us to fulfill all of your wants and desires, whether you be furry, demonic or just plain nuts!

2. A 50% (fifty percent) deposit is required at the time of reservation to secure your date, time and, if applicable, location. The remaining balance due on your account is due the day of your ceremony.

3. It is your responsibility to make sure that your wedding party can attend any rehearsals prior to your ceremony. These rehearsals are held to guarantee the proper heights of pose balls, and to assure that each of your wedding party members knows where they need to be, and when, so your special day goes off without a hitch!

4. Guests, participants and the lucky couple are required to remove any unnecessary scripted attachments during the course of any rehearsal, ceremony or reception. This is for the stability of all present on your special day, and includes animation overrides, scanners, shields, and any scripted body parts (namely X-Cite items). Clothing for the ceremony, as well as any special props, are excluded from this request.

5. We ask that, to prevent conflicts (whether with land permissions or between guests) that all guests and participants in your ceremony set their active group to "none" for any rehearsals, as well as the ceremony and reception.